Growing up with the piano in Russia and steadily evolving her interpretations of classics, Antonina seemed to be destined for a life of a concert pianist. Graduating in 2008 at the highly prestigious Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory under Prof. Nina Seregina she however declined offers to hit the road to play concerts and instead went on to study the Organ.

Antonina was captivated by how much an organ offers to and demands from a musician. She first studied the organ with the supreme Russian organist Prof. Daniel Zaretsky at the St. Petersburg Conservatory until 2010 and then with the globally acclaimed Prof. Dr. Ludger Lohmann at the State University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart for which she also obtained a DAAD Scholarship. Being a student at such a prestigious department for Organ music, she was able to discover a great multitude of different organs from various historical epochs. Thanks to it she was able to create a very broad repertoire from ancient to modern music that she has continuously broadened, ever since she received her master degree in Organ in 2012. Since historical organs and baroque music captivated her so much, she again decided to continue studying and to even further expand her focus to incorporate other Historical Keyboard Instruments and their evolution through time.

In 2014 she obtained her second Master in Historical Keyboard Instruments. She studied the Harpsichord with the renowned expert Prof. Jon Laukvik and continued her Organ studies with Prof. Dr. Ludger Lohmann. During numerous travels she was also able to visit many master classes given by internationally distinguished organists such as Guy Bovet, Jacques van Oortmerssen, Ben van Oosten, Ewald Kooiman, Olivier Latry, Hans-Ola Ericsson, Hans Davidsson and others. Most importantly however she managed to play the music she focused on, on numerous historical instruments for which this music was actually written. She even managed to follow her second passion – the study of cultures and languages. She spent months at the time in European capitals, visiting language courses and exploring their societies.

So far Antonina won prizes at various competitions, such as the IX International Competition-Festival of Organ Music "Gatchina - St.Petersburg", the Valery Kikta International Organ Competition in Moscow, the “Fugato” Organ Festival in Bad Homburg, the Moscow Bidloo Competition, the 7th International J.P. Sweelinck Organ Competition, the 21st International Sacred Music Festival in Rumia, the 1st International Braudo Organ Competition in St.Petersburg etc. She was also able to visit many summer academies, perform at festivals and take part in organ excursions that took her all over Europe.

Since 2011 she is the organist at the Dionysus Church in Fellbach-Schmiden, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Today Antonina speaks five languages (Russian, German, English, French and Italian) and has a wide repertoire covering different epochs and styles of organ music. Equipped to represent and promote the world that exists around organ music, she has started to share her passion with the world through concerts. So far she performed in Russia, Germany, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy.


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